St. Joseph Parish School Legacy

Under    the    Leadership    of    Father    Leo    Taeyerts,    SS.CC.,    St.    Joseph    School    was established   in   1946   in   an   abandoned   Japanese   Language   School.   Father   Leo   sought the   help   of   the   Sisters   of   St.   Joseph   of   Carondolet.   Sister   Mary   Aloysia   Dugger,   Sister Louis   Martin   Bereswill,   and   Mother   Mary   Anne   Dalton   were   sent   to   staff   the   school. Mother   Mary   Anne   Dalton   served   as   the   superior   and   principal   of   the   school   when   it opened   in   September   with   an   enrollment   of   128   students   in   kindergarten,   first,   and second grades. Father Evarist Gielen, SS.CC. replaced Father Leo in 1946 . As   the   school   continued   to   grow,   Father   Gielen   planned   for   a   new   school   and   convent. Bishop    Sweeney    blessed    the    convent    on    June    30,    1947.    The    school,    which    is    the Administration   building   today,   was   completed   in   December   of   the   same   year.   With   the growing   enrollment,   Father   Henry   Boeynaems   SS.CC.   broke   ground   on   March   17,   1952 for   a   kindergarten   classroom   and   auditorium   complete   with   kitchen   facilities.   Today, the   building   houses   the   cafeteria   and   P.E.   room.   Two   other   new   buildings   have   been built   since   then;   the   J   building   was   completed   in   1967   and   the   N   building   was   added   in 1986.
Established in 1946 St. Joseph Parish School
The   Sacred   Hearts   Fathers   were   the   administrators   of   St.   Joseph School   for   forty   years.   Since   1986,   the   school   has   been   under   the guidance   of   the   Missionaries   of   Our   Lady   of   La   Salette   (MS)   with the    dedicated    assistance    of    the    sisters    of    the    Congregation    of Benedictine Sisters of the Eucharistic King and lay faculty and staff.
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