Monday, December 9th: School Mass at 8:15 am “Feast of the Immaculate Conception” (Holy Day of Obligation) All students are required to wear their formal uniform except Grade 3 students Tuesday, December 10th: Morning Prayer Service led by Paraeducators. Confirmation Parent Session in the Religious Education Classroom at 6:30 pm for Gr. 8 (Last names: A-K) Class is Mandatory. Wednesday, December 11th: Reconciliation for Grades 3-5 (Students in Grades 3-5 must wear their formal uniform). All other students in Grades Pre K –2, and 6-8 must wear their PE uniforms . GRADES CLOSE FOR THE 2nd QUARTER. Thursday, December 12th:  Start of the 3rd Quarter Friday, December 13th: Christmas Program at 8:15 am “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” In memory of our beloved Sr. Judith Abique, SPC (Be sure to see pages 4- 6 for important Parent Information about our Christmas Program). Confirmation Classes for Grade 8 A-K on Tuesday, January 7th and on Thursday, January 9th for Grade 8 L-Y


Our Mission

St. Joseph Parish School

centered in Jesus Christ, in collaboration with the home, church, and global community, provides quality Catholic education in a safe and caring family environment. Students are prepared to achieve their full potential to be morally responsible citizens, effective communicators, active Christians, and lifelong learners. We at St. Joseph Parish School believe parents are the primary educators of their children. We support and assist the parents by nurturing the spiritual, intelectual, social, emotional, cultural, aesthetic, and physical growth of the whole person in a safe and caring family environment.


Established in 1946 St. Joseph Parish School
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Knights of the Altar
On   Saturday,   November   3rd,   St.   Joseph   Parish   School   Choir,   under   the   direction   of   Mrs.   Calzada   and   assisted   by   Mrs. Agnes   and   Mr.   Calzada,   performed   at   the   Taste   of   Waipahu   event.   They   shared   God’s   wonderful   message   of   love   through their gift of song.
SJPS Choir at the Taste of Waipahu To Watch the video, make sure Adobe Flash is enabled in your browser
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