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Student Council, a pivotal part of school democracy and leadership, is composed of elected representatives from grades 6 through 8. These students, chosen by their peers in a democratic election process, shoulder significant responsibilities within their school community. They regularly attend meetings where they brainstorm, plan, and organize various events and activities aimed at enriching the school experience. Key among their duties is their active involvement in community service projects, reflecting a commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. Additionally, the Student Council plays a crucial role in the orchestration of major school celebrations. They are particularly instrumental in leading two major events: the Christmas Field Day and the Catholic Schools Week activities. These events, hallmarks of the school's annual calendar, showcase the council's ability to manage large-scale events, fostering a sense of unity and school spirit among students and staff alike. Through their dedicated efforts, the Student Council not only enhances the vibrancy of school life but also cultivates leadership skills and a sense of civic duty among its members.