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At St. Joseph Parish School, we embrace a holistic approach to education, deeply rooted in the Catholic faith and guided by the principle that parents are the foremost educators of their children. Our mission and philosophy intertwine to create an environment where every student is seen as a unique individual, crafted in God's image, with distinct talents to contribute to both our school and the broader community. We dedicate ourselves to cultivating not only academic excellence but also moral integrity, effective communication skills, and a lifelong passion for learning, all within a nurturing and safe family atmosphere.


St. Joseph Parish School, centered in Jesus Christ, in collaboration with the home, church, and global community, provides quality Catholic education in a safe and caring family environment. Students are prepared to achieve their full potential to be morally responsible citizens, effective communicators, active Christians, and lifelong learners. (Revised May 2013)

We at St. Joseph Parish School believe parents are the primary educators of their children*. We support and assist the parents by nurturing the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, cultural, aesthetic, and physical growth of the whole person in a safe and caring family environment.
We recognize each person as God’s creation with individual gifts to share within our school and the larger community. We are committed to affirming these gifts by instilling morals, Catholic traditions, and values which give each person a sense of self-worth and belonging and a love for life-long learning.
*Declaration on Christian Education, #3. Vatican Council I