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Embracing Growth, Fostering Well-being

In 2020, St. Joseph Parish School embarked on a profound journey to nurture the holistic development of its students with the launch of the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Program. This initiative reflects the school's unwavering commitment to its mission – prioritizing not only academic excellence but also the moral, emotional, and social growth of students.

Recognition for Excellence in SEL

In a remarkable testament to the effectiveness and innovation of its SEL Program, the SEL team was honored with the 2021 Ka Ho’oulu Innovation Award. This prestigious award, presented by Hawaii Catholic Schools and Chaminade University, recognizes the outstanding contribution of the school in the field of Social-Emotional Learning. This accolade underscores the program's success in implementing a comprehensive and transformative approach to student development.

Vision: Cultivating a Community of Empathy and Lifelong Learning

Central to the program is a vision that integrates social-emotional learning with the core values of St. Joseph Parish School. The vision statement, in living out the school's mission, social-emotional learning bridges and supports the process and skills needed to be morally responsible citizens, effective communicators, active Christians, and lifelong learners. The school believes that academic success and social-emotional development are intrinsically linked, preparing students for both academic challenges and life's journey.

The SEL Program: Essential Skills for the Future

The Social-Emotional Learning Program focuses on five key areas:

Self-awareness: Encouraging students to understand their emotions, strengths, and values.
Self-management: Teaching students to manage emotions, stress, and to set and achieve personal goals.
Social awareness: Promoting empathy, respect for others, and an appreciation for diversity.
Relationship skills: Cultivating positive communication, teamwork, and conflict-resolution abilities.
Responsible decision-making: Guiding students to make ethical, constructive personal and social choices.

These areas equip students at St. Joseph Parish School with the necessary tools and skills to navigate the complexities of the modern world while staying true to their core values.