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The Project-Based Learning Class, an engaging weekend program for students in grades 5 to 8, focuses on STEM education through a project-based, collaborative approach. Held every Saturday, this class is designed for eager young minds, selected through a meticulous application process and teacher referrals, to explore the realms of science and technology. Students immerse themselves in hands-on activities, primarily centered on robotics and pioneering projects, which foster a deep understanding of engineering and mathematical concepts. Additionally, the program emphasizes team-building skills, crucial for personal and professional growth, and culminates in the participation in the annual Lego League Tournament, a platform for students to showcase their innovative projects and teamwork.

Key Achievements :

Lego League Tournaments

2023: District Level 1st Place in Innovative Projects
2023: District Level 1st Place in Core Values
2021: Coach of the Year, Dr. Yamashiro
2019: District Level 1st Place in Core Values
2019: State Champions in Core Values